National exhibitions at various institutions


Contemporary art in Canada is also extremely diverse. Melanie Authier, who was born in Montreal in 1980, is a prime example of this. Today she lives and works in Ottawa, and her paintings are in the collection of many prestigious institutions, including the National Gallery of Canada, TD Bank, BMO and others.

Melanie is known for her colorful, layered and intricate paintings. In her paintings, special attention is paid to original forms and lines that create a deep visual space. All this elegantly and truly uniquely presents to the viewer a seemingly non-existent and even impossible environment.

Autier has a background in studies at Concordia and Guelph universities. A breakthrough in her work was an honorable mention in the Canadian competition of artists from RBC in 2007. This was followed by national exhibitions at various institutions: the Ontario College of Art and Design, the Winnipeg Art Gallery, the Carlton University Gallery, etc. Melanie’s work has also been included in prestigious lists of national publications and galleries.

As you know, in contemporary art, especially in abstractionism, it is rather difficult to stand out and really “shoot”. But this is exactly what Autier succeeded in thanks to an incredible sense of space and a masterful approach to work. According to many critics, her creations are of landscape quality, and some even describe Autier’s paintings as a stunning combination of Cubism and the architecture of the famous Zaha Hadid. “It’s like she’s doing jazz improvisation on canvas,” is probably the best description of Melanie’s work.

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