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Another famous Canadian artist with a unique style is John Hartman. A native of Midland, Ontario, born in 1950, he is known for his incredible landscapes that not only show the world around him, but also tell real stories. It is this distinctive feature of Hartmann’s work that has brought him today’s recognition.

Physical geography and portraits became the main elements of his work, however, the highlight of Hartman’s work is his original arrangement of objects, as well as their contact. In all his paintings, there was always a special atmosphere of Ontario, because it was here that he spent most of his life. Hartman’s drawings, watercolors and oil paintings reflect his long-held dream of creating a work of art about a specific place, geographical location, which should carry a whole story or memory.

Hartman’s childhood was a combination of early education in the Midland and summer vacations in picturesque Georgian Bay, which was a huge influence on his future work. Despite the fact that the young artist attended painting courses with George Wallace, he received his formal education in the field of economics. Wallace was not a fan of landscapes, which somewhat complicated Hartman’s studies, but the teacher still influenced his formation. David Blackwood made an invaluable contribution to the development of Hartman’s skills and his search for his own atmosphere, who also combined landscapes with storytelling on canvas.

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After completing his education, John did not work by profession, but devoted himself to art. If at first he only experimented in search of his own voice, then over time he managed to develop a special recognizable style. Some saw his transition to bird’s-eye paintings as a desire to free himself from the structure of the traditional landscape. The author himself claims that this change reflects his memories of flying in a dream and a long-standing love for the beauty of maps. Hartman has many exhibitions in prestigious galleries and worldwide recognition. The author is still creating.

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