Tamilgun 2019 – New Tamil Movies Download (HD)

Tamilgun is a popular website where you can able to watch and download new movies.

Well, whenever it comes to movies, everyone wants to watch and enjoy movies. In fact, there is rarely anyone who says no for movies. But, due to busy schedules, it becomes a hectic task to go to the cinema hall and watch movies for everyone.

So, in such cases, you look for some sites from where you can download movies easily.

There are so many sites from where you can download movies. But, only a few are trustworthy.

Many times it happens that you visit a site, you like it, and you start downloading a movie. But, as a result, what you see is “viruses” or some other infectious components which can harm your system.

So, to prevent your system from such unwanted components, I am going to tell you about one of the most popular and trusted sites called “Tamilgun.”

Everything you need to know about Tamilgun

Tamilgun is a free and very popular website from which you can download excellent quality movies. As the name is “Tamilgun,” you must be thinking that you can download only Tamil movies. But it is not so. It allows you to download Bollywood, Tollywood, and Mollywood movies also. You can watch Hindi, Tamil, Telugu as well as Malayalam movies.


Apart from films, you can also have access to many TV programs on Tamilgun.

Tamilgun Admin

Gauri Shankar is the owner of Tamilgun. A year ago, in September, he was arrested by Tripleken police. Whatever content you see on this site is available for download.

Movie Piracy

Piracy means to sell copyrighted things that are sold in a dark market at a very less price. The reason behind making it pirated is theft. You must be well aware of the theft, stealing, etc. So, piracy became very necessary.

Whenever it comes to our country, motion picture piracy is a significant issue. It is income loss, i.e., loss of the people who make the film. Robbery is, again, a big issue in our country. Piracy is done to prevent movies from video robbery, link robbery, theft, etc. Such sites are also re-composed. As piracy is illegal, you should not promote it.

Is watching movies on Tamilgun Legit?

So, as I have already mentioned that movie piracy is illegal in many countries including India. Now, Tamilgun offers you pirated movies and shows; therefore, it is not legal and safe to use the platform. However, it does have 1 million monthly active users.

The platform uses third party advertisements and these popup ads might have malware and other hacking software. However, if you use the platform with full attention may help you not targeted by hackers. Overall, Tamilgun is one of the safest platforms currently available in the market.

Tamilgun APK

The name of the app is Tamilgun, and currently, it is running on the v3.0 version. Its size is 1.4 Mb and can run on Android 4.0 or above.
The app was last updated on 25 December 2018 and is available in the English language.

Features of Tamilgun APK

You must be well aware of the features of apk before downloading any movies. Some of the exciting features of Tamilgun apk are as follows:

  • Tamilgun allows you to watch videos online.
  • Using Tamilgun, you can also download videos to watch them offline.
  • The latest version of the app is excellent as it comes with bus fixes. It also makes sure that even if you use the app for a long time, it does not crash.
  • It features high-speed servers with the help of which you can stream high-speed videos also.
  • It has a straightforward design and easy interface so that you don’t find it challenging to use.
  • The best thing about Tamilgun is that it is very light in size, and hence, it doesn’t consume much CPU. Thus, it is very fast.

Download Telugu and Tamil Movies

Downloading Telugu and Tamil movies is very easy from Tamilgun. You can quickly download Tamil movies in HD format on your device.

On this site, you will find almost everything free of cost. You can download Tamil movies, English movies dubbed in Hindi, Telugu movies without even spending even a single dime. So, if you know how to download movies from such sites, you can do it silently.

Tamilgun Popularity

The real reason for the popularity of Tamilgun is it offers a broad range of categories. The categories offer by Tamilgun are Tamil dubbed movies, Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies and more. Moreover, you can even download movies in High quality and in any format you wish.

You can easily download the type of movie which you want to. But, sometimes, you may come across annoying pop-ups. The reason behind this is that you cannot go beyond the ads. You have to wait for the completion of the ad.

As you know that Tamilgun allows you to download free movies, it is one of the most popular and most favored movie download sites. You can choose the format of your own choice as it provides multiple formats such as HD videos, DVDrip, Bluray, etc.

Alternatives to Tamilgun

Tamilgun is, of course, one of the best movie downloading sites, but there are also many alternatives to this. Here is a list of a few legal Tamilgun alternatives:

1. TodayPK

TodayPK is one of the best and very popular movies downloading site after Tamilgun. You can also call this website as an all-rounder website because it provides you millions of Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, web series, etc.

One thing you must remember that if you wish to download and watch movies offline on different devices, you should use the Gihosoft video converter to convert one file format to another. It helps you to avoid issues.

2. Bolly2Tolly

Bolly2Tolly offers you many similar features like Tamilgun. It also provides you movies in Tamil dubbed language. On this site, some famous Hollywood movies are also available in Tamil.

Bolly2Tolly also keeps adding new content frequently that too, in a very short time.

You can also download movies in any format of your own choice.

3. Hungama

Hungama provides many comedy Bollywood and Hollywood movies dubbed in Tamil. You can also access other languages by downloading movies.

Hungama mainly focuses on comedy movies, but it also focuses on other genres, such as action, romance, horror, etc. As it has a vast database, it makes it quite easier to upload unlimited content.

4. Hotstar

You must be very familiar with Hotstar. Presently, Hotstar is one of the best streaming platforms available on the internet.

It provides both free as well as premium content. The platform offers you TV shows of all the star channels along with TV shows. It also streams English shows, web series, etc.

5. Netflix

Netflix is one of the most popular users with 154 million users from all over the world. It is an official movie and TV shows streaming platform available on both websites and apps. You can make the movie or TV show offline so that you can watch a movie while on the go.


To download movies from Tamilgun, all you need to have is a good internet connection.

It doesn’t matter which device you are downloading the movie in; you can use any device.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q.1. Can I download movies from Tamilgun in my Android as well as iOS devices?

A.1. Yes, you can. You can download movies from Tamilgun in any operating system. It is platform-independent.

Q.2. Is it safe and secure?

A.2. Yes. Downloading movies from Tamilgun is entirely safe until and unless you go for any illegal links.

Q.3. Does it provide excellent quality movies?

A.3. There are various formats in which you can download the movies. And of course, yes, it also provides HD formats. You can choose your format, which you wish to download a movie in.

Q.4. Can I download Bollywood movies also from Tamilgun?

A.4. Yes, you can not only download Bollywood movies, but you can even download and watch movies in Tamil, Telugu, and more.

Q.5. Can I download movies in the English language also?

A.5. Yes, you can. Tamilgun lets you download movies in multiple languages like Tamil, Punjabi, Kannad, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, and English.

Wrapping it Up!

I know very well how difficult it becomes for a movie lover to not watch a movie just because of a busy schedule.

So, I wrote this article and tried my best to include all the necessary details about Tamilgun in this content. If you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to ask and contact me. If you have other information about Tamilgun, which you think should be part of the content, you must share your views. It will be great to have a two-way discussion.

Do you use Tamilgun to download and watch movies?

If you use Tamilgun to watch movies, then tell us what features you like the most and why.

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