Why is the White & Gold Home Decor so popular?

If you’ve been following recent trends on Home Decor, you might have heard of the White & Gold Home Decor. Well we got curious and did a small research & found out that decorating your home in White & Gold isn’t something new, actually it’s even older than the United States it self.

Why haven’t you seen many homes in White & Gold?

Back in 1753, before the United States declared independence, most homes were made out of wood, as we know wood has terrible weather insulation which is a problem even for today standards, this was not a problem in the South, as the weather was mostly hot, but in the North it was devastating. Engineers had to come up with a solution on how properly protect your living space from the Hot in the South and the Cold in the North. The Canadians came up with the idea of using Gold as an insulator for the outer part of the wall, Gold back then wasn’t so scarce so people used it as an insulator. The Americans in the South came up with the idea of using White paint for the outer part of the wall, since Black paint attracted more heat from the Sun.Together, the Canadians and the Americans have both combined their ideas and made their houses from White paint and Gold Plated Windows and Doors.

So why aren’t any houses White & Gold today?

Well Gold suddenly started to rise in price, it became unprofitable for people to insulate their houses with Gold, as other materials became more available and affordable. However in 2018, the trend is going back, even thought Gold has skyrocketed in price, there are wealthy people who take the prestige and luxury of having your house in White Paint & Gold Plated Windows & Doors.

Apparently we couldn’t find a colored picture as this trend happened over 300 years ago. But there is one building in the US that everyone knows and it’s made from White & Gold. It’s the white house and as you can see the entire building is made from white walls, but if you look carefully at the Windows you can see that they are Gold Plated.

So now you know, how the US got it’s first White & Gold building and why the trend is going back.

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