The Six Things Your Interior Designer Does Not Want You To Know About Their Job

Home improvement can be an exciting undertaking. Some clients have too many ideas, and they do not know how to narrow their list down. Other clients have no idea where to start, so they trust the designer they hire to make the right choices.

Trusting your designer can be both good and bad. Home design is both a resource and a business. You do need to learn the tricks of the trade. Below are 6 tricks of the trade you need to know about before you open the front door to your “new friend.”


You need to think of this as any other business. You need to conduct interviews with potential designers before you sign your life away, as it were. You need someone who knows their stuff. You also need someone who has connections that nobody else does. They can get stuff at a discount. Your designer needs to have a big Rolodex of people they can call. Home designers who do not have a big Rolodex of people, at their disposal, need to be discarded.

The more people they know, the better your design will be.

The Budget

You should always discuss the budget first. You need to know how much you can spend. Your designer will try to convince you to spend more money. That is their job. They make more when you spend more. The right designer will help you to stay within budget as much as possible. You need to stay true to what you can afford unless you have money to burn.

Your Preferences

You need to be firm on what you want. Your designer can suggest a few things. However, this is about you. Do you want your home to become a Laura Ashley showroom piece? This is about you. Not them.

The Best Is Not Always About the Money

Clients assume, incorrectly, that they need to spend a lot to get the best. That is not always true. Not every home designer with a big price tag is worth the money. Sometimes you can find what you are looking for on a budget. There are a lot of professionals that do jobs on a modest budget.

There is nothing wrong with working with a design student still in school. There are a lot of students who just as well as professionals do.

Saying No

You can say no. Did you know that? It is okay to say no to something or someone you do not like and are not comfortable with. Tell them “no” right away. They might not agree with it, but this is not about them.

All or Nothing

You can pick and choose different things and people, as long as your budget allows it. This is not a “one-size-fits-all” type of thing. Make sure you sign a contract for every person. That way you protect you and them in case something happens.